Simple Developer Productivity Tips

Simple Developer Productivity Tips

Personal Advice That Has Actually Helped My Productivity!

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Joseph Wallace
·May 5, 2022·

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Reduce your working hours

Working fewer hours per week may seem counterintuitive, yet it can boost your productivity. Because you have less time, you will be more focused on the activities you need to do and will devote your whole attention to those duties rather than spending time on distractions. The second point is as follows:

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Distract yourself as little as possible.

It's not simple to "get in the zone," but once you do, doesn't it feel great? You should strive to prevent distractions in your job throughout working hours if you want to acquire this frame of mind as often as feasible. Keep your surroundings clean and quiet, and most importantly, switch off Facebook and Instagram, which are the most time-consuming apps!


Take frequent breaks.

Every hour, take a break from your computer and exercise your body. Even a brief walk around the house or a few stretches can make a significant effect. Don't forget to reset your thoughts as well - think about something other than work when you're away from the computer - your brain will thank you for it!


Get enough rest

You should never neglect your evening sleep - it is at this time that your brain and body renew (even if you're a night owl, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every day). We all despise deadlines, but sometimes it's better to go to bed and come back to work the next day than to sit in front of the computer for more than 12 hours a day - you'll be less productive and the quality of your work will suffer as a result.


Weekends should be enjoyed

Do you ever "bring your work home" or set aside a few hours on a Saturday afternoon "to get things done"? While it may appear to be a decent temporary answer when you are overloaded with work, it may do a lot of harm in the long term. Allowing yourself no time off can eventually affect not only your work but also other elements of your life. Spend your weekends with friends and family, learn a new activity, read a book that's been sitting on your shelf for a long time, or go trekking. On Monday morning, you'll find that you're feeling revitalized, energized, and ready to take on the world!


Use Scheduling Software

If you're doing something creative, you must understand the value of planning ahead. As a result, planning is crucial. Because it allows you to manage your workload without committing your entire attention to it. If you're a content producer, you may schedule your work using apps like buffer, later, and others. Also, if you work in a professional industry, you may use these apps to conveniently plan meetings. schedulers make our work much easier by reducing the amount of time we spend here.


Master The Use Of Notion

The reason I set aside other applications was because of this. Because it can turn you into a master of time management. This app's features are really useful and user-friendly. You can also use this fantastic tool to plan out your entire month. I've been using idea for the past six months and it's been quite beneficial. It provides a clean user interface with a number of useful tools for organizing your work. So that is my own favorite tip for being productive at work.


Work in a distraction-free environment

The environment has a significant impact on productivity. If there is a lot of turmoil around you, you will not be able to be productive. You will not be able to concentrate for even a minute in this manner. As a result, having a nice setting in which to do serious work becomes quite important.


Stop receiving notifications

When you're trying to stay busy, notifications might be a tremendous distraction. Because your attention is always distracted to something irrelevant. Except for a few critical applications like texts and emails, I recommend turning off all mobile app notifications. I've been doing this for two years and trust me! I am no longer a slave to alerts. I have the freedom to reply to individuals whenever I choose. This was quite helpful in maintaining my work flow.


Exercise Quickly

Exercising is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining our overall health. Even a small amount of exercise every day can improve your performance throughout the day. After an exercise, you notice an immediate boost in energy. You may begin with extremely beginner-friendly routines and gradually increase your level of difficulty. It also helps you stay productive in this way.


Make a list

Making work notes the night before can save you a lot of time the next day.You may even keep a thankfulness journal to help you feel grateful for everything you have. Making writing a habit will help you expand your vocabulary and establish a firm habit of accomplishing things. This daily mix of all those options will help you be more productive by saving you a lot of time during the day.


Last Thoughts

If you do not work on things on a regular basis, you will not become productive. It is a talent that may be gradually learned, therefore it will take some time. You can't expect overnight success in this business. Because you'll have to put forth some effort. However, after you've reached the tipping point. Nobody can stop me from doing my job.

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