The Top 17 Design Resources for Creators and Developers

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The Top 17 Design Resources for Creators and Developers

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On the internet, there are a ton of materials and inspirations for graphic design. But what should I pick out of the best? You may be sure that these design-related tools, ideas, and resources will boost your creativity and develop your designing career.

Trying to find vectors? maybe stock photos? How about modern, distinctive fonts? Or perhaps a little inspiration? Every designer's needs are covered on this list, and they are all easily accessible if you know where to look. You will be going to discover the materials you require, regardless of what your project is.

1) Invision Studio

The most potent screen design tool available is called Invision Studio.

Prices are free and paid.

Studio _ InVision.png

2) Checklist Design

Checklist design is the collection of best design practices.

Pricing: free + paid.

Checklist Design - A collection of the best design practices..png

3) Design Principles

The open-source platform for different design methodologies and ideas is called design principles.

Cost: nothing

Design Principles.png

4) Uxcel

Uxcel may help you learn amazing and potent UI/UX design methods in a very attractive way.

Pricing: Free + paid

Uxcel - Where UX Design Careers Are Built.png

5) Framer

With the support of your team, Framer enables you to create beautiful and engaging products.

Pricing: free + paid

Framer_ Make beautiful sites in minutes.png

6) Logotouse

Online resource Logotouse offers free logos.

Pricing: free

Logo To Use - Free high-quality Logos.png

7) Lottiefiles

You may build, edit, and test Lottie animations with the aid of Lottie files, which provide you all the necessary tools.

Pricing: free + paid

Free Lottie Animation Files, Tools & Plugins - LottieFiles.png

8) Web Gradients

180 linear gradients may be found in the free resource Web Gradients. background material for any area of your website.

Pricing: Free

Fresh Background Gradients _ _.png

9) Visme

Whether you are a seasoned designer or a complete newbie, Visme helps you create visual brand experiences for your company.

Pricing: free + paid.

Create Presentations, Infographics, Design & Video _ Visme.png

10) DrawKit

For your upcoming project, get graphics that are print- and digital-ready. A selection of customizable, free, and premium vector images from Drawkit are great for modifying and enhancing any design.

Pricing: free + paid

DrawKit - Beautiful vector illustrations.png

11) Humaaans

Pablo Stanley came up with a special tool that lets you alter depictions of people in diverse settings.

Pricing: Free

Humaaans_ Mix-&-Match illustration library.png

12) Vexels

Looking for the ideal minimalist creation? It belongs to Vexel. Or about about something very difficult? They possess it. Looking for a completely unique piece? Yes, Vexels also has it.

Pricing : Paid

Vector Images, Illustrations, Merch Designs for Commercial Use _ Vexels.png

13) Flaticon

The Flaticon platform includes 2 million icons and is still growing, all of which are available for free with attribution.

Pricing: Free

Vector Icons and Stickers - PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and CSS.png

Inspirational Materials

14) Behance

Go directly to Adobe's online design platform for all types of creative ideas. You may go through a variety of designs and share your own.

Color wheel, a color palette generator _ Adobe Color.png

15) Httpster

You may browse and click through the stunning website ideas on Httpster on a daily basis. Oh, and it's free as well.

Totally rocking websites _ httpster.png

16) Adobe Color

Adobe Color makes it easy to explore current color trends, develop palettes from your favorite images and save your favorite color schemes to Adobe apps.

Color wheel, a color palette generator _ Adobe Color (1).png

17) Niice

Like Pinterest for designers, imagine this. Niice is a user-friendly site devoted to supplying design teams with ideas. Use this tool to present group ideas and make it simple to get comments and suggestions.

Free Inspirations + paid Unlimited pro accounts

The Brand Hub for In-House Creative Teams _ Niice.png